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The all-in-one software for glass contractors

Manage your entire business on one modern platform, built specifically for glaziers

One stop shop

We cover you for everything from initial customer intake, to streamlined technician note-taking in the field, to generation of branded customer facing bids, scheduling, purchase order tracking and more - all easily managed from a central job dashboard

Glass specific features

Stop trying to fit a square into a circle running your business on software that wasn't designed for glaziers. We integrate with your glass inventory, calculate squarefoot pricing, fabrications, and more

Removes the need for duplicate size & specs entry

We know ordering materials incorrectly can be extremely costly. Enter your sizes one time and they carry all the way through to your estimates, customer facing quotes, and purchase orders

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Purchase Order Tracking

Stay on top of all aspects of your purchase orders

All purchase orders are linked to individual jobs

Plan against purchase order arrivals and get notified when all purchase orders for a job have come in so you can proceed with fabrication or install

Built in Confirmation & Receiving QA Flows

Supplier mistyped your order or sent wrong size or damaged product? We have built in flows to verify line by line the items you ordered are the ones that were confirmed and the ones you received.

Mobile compatible

Is your shop personnel the one that normally does receiving? Easily check items in from your phone as they come off the truck.

Reduce costly mistakes
Reduce time bottlenecks
Go paperless!
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Branded & Customizable Customer Facing PDF Quotes

Turn your field specs into a quote with the click of a button, add any additional notes and send off a branded PDF directly through the software

Quickbooks Online & Quickbooks Desktop Integrations

Accounting is a breeze, as we remove the need for any duplicate data entry with all payments syncing directly to QuickBooks

Embedded Credit Card Payments

Embed payment links into your quotes and invoices so customers can easily pay deposits and invoices more quickly

Advanced Analytics

Gain important insights about your jobs to help you make more informed decisions

Track key business metrics month over month

Ever wonder how many quotes you're sending out, bids won, new customers created, win rate? We expose all of this historically, with the ability to drill down into any time frame

Smart Filtering

What type of jobs are the most profitable for you? Is it showers, storefronts, new windows? Break down your metrics by job type, which of your staff worked on it, and more.

Work smarter, not harder

It's tough to drill into which areas of the business to focus on when you're running on multiple platforms and your job data isn't centralized in one place. Glazier aggregates all of your job data making it easier to gain key insights and take action to improve your business

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AIA Billing

We streamline your monthly billing by setting up your billing items one time, calculating what's left to be billed with retainage, and helping you generate invoices

Unlimited Photo & Document Storage

All of your contracts, architectural drawings, job site photos, hand drawings, and supplier confirmations all live under the Attachments section for each job

All actions get saved to your job log

Be able to point to when things were sent, scheduled, completed, and be covered with photos in case of any disputes

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Streamlined technician field app

Deciphering scribbled dimensions from a piece of paper are a thing of the past

Take photos, add measurements, and turn around customer quotes in minutes

Don't wait until your technician drives back to the office with notes to be able to send out customer quotes. Immediate turn around of bids helps you win more jobs.

Enter and retain important glass specific specs while on site

Easily search your inventory categories in the field so you know exactly which product to order

Instant collaboration between field & office with photos, measurements, notes, and specs syncing immediately

Stay on top of what techs are doing in the field, with immediate feedback and images from on site measurements and installs

Easy to use
Complete set of notes
Go paperless!

Google Maps Integrated Scheduling

Schedule your technicians with ease

No more juggling different windows to plan out your daily schedules

Send techs out to different parts of town, efficiently grouping jobs near one another

Squeeze in more jobs

Customer called in wanting someone to swing by today to take measurements? Easily locate which technician is nearby, add it to their schedule, and they'll be notified via text

Integrates with technician field app

Empower your technicians to be able to see their calendars directly on their phones, being able to plan ahead for the week and not relying solely on paper work orders

Streamlined map integration
Easy to use
Go paperless!
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You're in great company.

I was using paper tickets and we were hand writing everything so the software saves me at least 50% of my time compared to what we were doing before and we are getting jobs done in record time since we've started using it.

Our main objective is to stop searching through paperwork. The templates in the quote portion has helped the office speed things up and eliminate redundant typing. The secretaries love it. The more we use it the easier it gets.

It has completely changed how our business functions by helping in streamlining our day-to-day operations, with job tracking and the workflow being so user friendly!

Using Glazier has saved me SO much time. Before, my front desk staff would have to enter it in the system, print it out, walk it over to me, I would write up the work order, hand it to my tech, he's gotta drive there, take the measurements, then drive back and I manually type it into a quote. And you know you don't think that takes a lot of time, but holy cow it takes a lot of time.

Glazier was designed and built with the help of industry operators with a combined 500+ years of experience in the trade

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